Hollister California is our primary location. Our gliders and equipment reside here throughout the winter to take advantage of pre-frontal and post-frontal wave across the various mountain ranges nearby.


The Panoche airstrip is a well-maintained dirt strip in the Panoche valley southeast of Hollister. Due to its unique location, it often provides a great combination of thermal and convergence action, with several reliable elevators nearby. Members often request a "Panoche tow" from Hollister in the Spring and Fall when conditions peak.


During the summer months, we park several of our gliders in Truckee California, where the mountainous terrain provides fantastic conditions for all types of soaring. Here, we join TTSA and NCSA at the Truckee-Tahoe airport for competition, events, and other festivities.

Air Sailing

Air Sailing, Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax exempt membership organization established in 1970. It is located in the Warm Springs Valley, just 25 miles northeast ofReno, Nevada, and is committed to providing first-rate education to glider pilots of all abilities.