Hollister Soaring Net. A previous version of the HSC website, still with valuable local cross-country knowledge.

Introduction to Cross Country Soaring - Kai Gertsen. This publication does not offer any new brilliant strategies, nor does it reveal any deep-guarded secrets. This is merely an effort to compile most of the practical aspects of cross country soaring in one handy booklet for the aspiring cross country pilot.

Off-Airport Landings - Kai Gertsen. Luck plays a surprisingly small role in field landings. Ninety-nine percent is know-how, preparation, and skill. Warning: there will be a test sometime after this course. The time and place will be your first field landing, and failing is not an option.

Extending the Basics of Cross Country Soaring - GFA.

Becoming Competitive in Gliding - GFA.

Just a Little Faster, Please - John Cochrane. There comes a time that you want to fly a little bit faster. Maybe you’ve been to a contest or two and you’ve seen what amazing speeds the top pilots achieve – and often in surprisingly bad conditions. Maybe you want to go for a badge, or just cover a little more territory in your cross-country flying. We are glued to this sport by obsessive self-improvement, and a little more speed soon becomes the focus of that obsession.