PASCO Safety Articles

  • Safety Comes First - Bruno Gantenbrink. A candid commentary on soaring safety. 'That sentence, "The most dangerous part of gliding is the trip to the glider field" is the dumbest, most ignorant saying that has found a home in our sport.'
  • What Causes Accidents - Bill Reuland.
  • Complacency: What Me Worry? - Martin Hellman. None of us think of ourselves as resembling Alfred E. Newman – the "What me worry?" Mad Magazine character – until after an accident, when we rigorously review what we could have done differently.
  • Physiological Hazards of Soaring Flights - Dr. Walter B. Cannon, MD. Medical conditions which could create dangerous situations in flight.
  • Mountain Flying Safety - Richard Pearl. Do you know the affect of high altitude on your glider? What speed should you fly? Take off? Landing?
  • Staying Safe in Wave - Fred LaSor. Considerations on flying at high altitudes for extended periods of time.

Air Sailing Safety Articles