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  • United States

The February edition of the BASA monthly meeting. Open to the general public. Find us in the left rear corner of the restaurant.

TTSA's Sergio is starting a program named "Aim Higher." The purpose of the Aim Higher program is to reach out to pilots in “limbo,” those who got their glider license but stay around the field avoiding flying cross country. The program will show them that they can do it too, give them the knowledge they need, take them in a cross country flight showing them the beauty of the sport until the desire to repeat the experience will move them to try it on their own in their safe soaring flights.
The program will consist of 1-hour seminars in Truckee each Saturday to help pilots that are aspiring to fly cross country but feel in need of guidance. The meeting will cover a topic for safe cross country flight, theory, weather etc., summarized in a one-sheet back and forth script. After the meeting there will be a suggested task to fly and mentoring pilots available to accompany the pilots in a cross country flight.