• IHOP (map)
  • 5403 Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Santa Clara, CA, 95051
  • United States

This meeting is open to the general public. Please arrive a bit early to chat and order dinner if you like.

Spring soaring season is opening up in Hollister, and we have many topics to discuss this month:

  1. Buying a Discus 2
  2. Selling 9JH (Pegasus)
  3. Reviving the BASA Student Membership opportunity
  4. Creating a "Mentor Membership" for experienced pilots outside BASA to fly dual cross-country flights with current BASA members.
  5. Air Sailing Camps:  Gianni will be sending out info for Thermal & Cross Country camps
  6. News from HSC
    1. Panoche checkouts went well last week-end;  additional similar event to be set up for April.
    2. HSC will be announcing special XC Tow Rates based on Tach Time.
    3. Russell Holtz is available at HSC for XC instruction (this will be for a fee, structure to be determined).