• IHOP (map)
  • 5403 Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Santa Clara, CA, 95051
  • United States

This meeting, we will elect our club officers for the next year. Official business starts at 7:00 PM; come earlier to order your food and exchange flying stories and other rumors! Additional items for discussion as follows:

  • Kurt Thams will talk a little about the role of the Flight Committee.
  • Search for replacement glider (Aki has some suggestions).
  • Club insurance.

Meeting Notes

  • Election of Officers: elected/nominated as follows:
    • President: Gianni D. Leonarduzzi
    • VP/Secretary: Quest Richlife
    • Maintenance Chairman: Alan Stormes
    • Treasurer: Harry Fox
  • Sale of 9JH: continues, ad to be renewed; Jonathan has a student (VJ) that may be interested
  • New Glider: Sponsor Members OK the purchase of a new glider as identified by Aki: details to be defined and communicated by email to the group
  • Harry will circulate a proposal to all members for those who are interested in loaning funds to BASA to support the purchase of the new glider
  • Harry will provide a count of parachutes that can be sold on ebay; will examine values and report back
  • Insurance: we do not have coverage for our own gliders: Aki will research and report back; question raised is: should we raise our current deductible?
  • Gliders: All gliders are back in Hollister
    • 1CH: speaker need to be replaced (Peter R. ship captain)
    • 5KM: left gear door still off, brakes need to be bled
    • 6DS: Jonathan will look and possibly fix small issue with radio
  • Annuals:
    • Both DG’s are due in December: Peter to confirm; Magnum Aviation can do the annuals and fix the gear door/brakes for 5KM
    • GDL will work with Alan to set up

Membership Report (Marty Michael)

This month we have:

  • 1 new member application
    • Karl Mendes - Karl is from San Francisco. He has flown at Hollister, Crazy Creek, and Truckee. In the past 5 years he has had 55.5 hours with 24.9 in the last 90 days. These hours are split between G103 and ASK21.
  • No other inquires this month
  • 1 member has left
    • Gunther Hagleitner

Note: The bylaws state that new members will be admitted with the consent and approval of the sponsor members. Therefore, sponsor members have 30 days to object; otherwise, membership status will be automatically confirmed.

Sponsor Membership(s) for sale

Lisa Corsetti - lisaflygirl@gmail.com

BASA has 6 sponsor memberships available for sale.

(to purchase a sponsor membership, please contact these individual(s) directly, and once a price is negotiated, the transaction is done through the BASA Treasurer, Harry Fox)