• IHOP (map)
  • 5403 Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Santa Clara, CA, 95051
  • United States

Harry Fox gives a presentation about his day of winch-launching in Germany last spring. This is also our official annual meeting when club officers are elected to serve for the next fiscal year starting October 1. Official business starts at 7:00 PM; come earlier to order your food and exchange flying stories and other rumors!

Winch Launching in Germany

Membership Report (Marty Michael)

This month we have:

  • 1 new member application
    • Rory Rahmil: Rory is from San Francisco. His first glider flight was in Aug. 1999. He has 14 glider flights, a new biennial Flight Review this month from Hollister and has 3.1 hours as PIC in a S/E aircraft
  • 4 inquiries, since July 1 – no further contact after a few follow-up attempts:
    • Karl Mendes
    • Kirk Heiser
    • William Kennedy
    • Star Simpson
  • 3 members leaving
    • Lisa Corsetti (sponsor)
    • Dominik Pasalic
    • Larry Fulgham

Per the bylaws, new members will be admitted with the consent and approval of the sponsor members. Therefore, sponsor members have 30 days to object; otherwise, membership status will be automatically confirmed.

Sponsor Membership(s) for sale

Lisa Corsetti - lisaflygirl@gmail.com

BASA has 6 sponsor memberships available for sale.

(to purchase a sponsor membership, please contact these individual(s) directly, and once a price is negotiated, the transaction is done through the BASA Treasurer, Harry Fox)