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  • 5403 Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Santa Clara, CA, 95051
  • United States

Philip Lee presents on his experience at Cross-Country Camp this year. We'll also discuss the logistics of bring the gliders back to Hollister, Fall activities, and club officer nominations.

Meeting Notes

  1. Moving gliders: 
    1. Steve B. will tow 1CH down to Hollister on October 1. The glider will need to be disassembled and put in the trailer before that date. Any BASA member in Truckee aorund/before that time period: please contact Steve and organize this activity.
    2. Dan C. will tow 9JH back to Hollister: same as above: if you are going to be in Truckee and can help, please let Dan know.
    3. Harry F. will move one of the trailers, and Steve B. will move the second one.
  2. Selling/buying gliders:
    1. Selling 9JH: we will drop the price to $17K (recommended by David G. after reviewing the market). We also need volunteers to help Ed in the selling effort - a more enticing description and picture maybe?
    2. Buying a new glider: Steve B. has made an excellent proposal, namely to consider buying a two-seater and leave it at Hollister in the summer, while locating both DG's in the mountains. This would allow for more XC flights in the mountains with optimal airplanes, and still leave a fun glider at Hollister. HSC will be glad to sell the Grob103 to BASA for his purpose. To be further discussed: please  send in your thoughts.
  3. New Officers: please send in nominations for President and Vice President for 2018.
  4. BASA Newsletter: is now officially re-born as the Blog page on our web site: please send in stories and Philip "Buzz" L. will publish. Art T. has volunteered a story entitled: "Art T. Guide to Land-Out".
  5. Instruments and trailer from VN: Dan C. has volunteered to price these and list them on Wings and Wheels, with the exception of FLARM-related equipment, which will be kept. Please send in a request for anything you may want to keep/buy (Dan has sent out a list of available equipment).
  6. Locating gliders outside of Hollister: it is recommended that a request to this effect needs to start with an email from the requestor, detailing reason, length of time, full logistics for the transport.